When Life Throws Snowballs Instead Of Lemons


© Olivia Wolfe ~ 2013

Writing comes from somewhere deep within and I would love nothing more than to be able to escape each day into my world of creating. Most every day this wish is granted but sometimes life happens, my mind is drawn away from my projects and I must put off my deadlines until another day. The snow has returned to our sleepy little town, bringing with it subzero temperatures which reached as low as ten degrees below zero throughout the night. With the promise to get even colder, school has been cancelled, unleashing the excitement and limitless energy of my kids as they run through the house chasing zombies, blast the stereo as the dance party continues and argue over whether it will be Build-a-Bear or Minecraft which will grace the computer screen.

It was my original plan for today to get them off to school, finish my latest story and hit the publish button, but that’s just not possible. As I sit here ducking from incoming Nerf Bullets, I do my best to block out the blaring sounds of One Direction along with the lovestruck cries they are causing but all concentration is lost in the process as my interest turns to discovering who will win the fight for the screen between bears and imaginary worlds. As I look around me I am assured that there will be no writing today, nothing will get accomplished. Some might say that life has thrown me lemons but with today’s forecast it’s more like snowballs which, unlike lemons, sound a lot more fun.

Through the chaos I see something else, something much better than any day of work can offer: I have been given the opportunity to spend more time with my kids. That thought is one that always brings a smile to my face, so my story will be put off another day for I have zombies to chase, a dance party to attend and a yummy distraction from electronics with a baking session to help keep the house warm. Have a fantastic day, everyone. I’m going to enjoy my Snowballs :’)

~ O