At 36 years old, life has given me many interesting and exciting titles along the way, and they have all come together to make me who I am today. First and foremost I am a mother to five beautiful children who are the reason for everything I do. Each day is new and exciting with never a dull moment as I have a variety of ages and personalitites to keep me entertained. Time away from them is spent working as a writer in an ever expanding realm of opportunities. Currently I have a number of projects keeping me busy which entail the continued work on my current novel, Providing write~ups for a close friend’s photography, Working on staff for UEmagazine and most recently the decision to begin this photo blog. The last two coincide with my passion for exploring the abandoned side of life. I am an avid explorer with a growing love for photography towards the places which time has forgotten. Capturing the beauty of these locations is something that I will always do and my photo blog is a way to bring you into the places I’ve been for a glimpse at the story behind the shot. I am many things, all of which I love, none which I would ever give up.


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    • What an amazing surprise! Thank you so very much. I am away on vacation this week and only have limited internet access but I can not wait to return home to properly accept this award. Again, many thanks to you. I am pleased to discover that you enjoy my blig so well. Have a great week.


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