How I came into the world of UE

It’s been seven months since I’ve been brought into the world of UE, although I have been exploring for close to fourteen years. A bit of a misleading statement, I know, but I never knew there was a title for how I spent my free time. I’ve always been drawn by the sight of an abandonment. The buildings cast off and forsaken by society, left to fade and crumble, pulled into the clutches of nature as she reclaimed the land that was once hers. The darkness which lurked behind the shattered windows beckoned me past the splintered doors and I could not be satisfied until I discovered the secrets within. This was my escape from the restraints of everyday life. But my world changed in the summer of 2011: Upon visiting one of my favorite locations I was faced with reality that it had been erased from existance, stricken from the world without a single thought for the historical value behind its decay. All that remained now were my memories. When I closed my eyes the sea of rusted cars appeared to me, scattered throughout this isolated stretch of forest. These were not just ordinary cars, but beacons crying out from under eighty years of foilage and decay, resonating from an era with well known stories of mobsters and crime. Making my way down the well covered hill into the valley of wreckage my heart pounded at the thought of walking through the graveyard of rust, anticipating the icy sensation coursing through my fingers at the touch of the disfigured metal. Fallen seeds have had decades to cultivate and seasoned trees now escape through deteriorated hoods and the hollow remnants where windows once protected the interior. Standing on this side of history looking in, questions begin to form in my mind. Just who was it that drove this faded beauty? What happened on that fateful night which brought this exquisite piece of machinery to its untimely end? I know I am alone in the midst of this vast wasteland but I look around before reaching out to grasp the door’s corroded handle and the silence is broken with the slow and steady sound of the metal screaming its protest as its brought to life after an eternal slumber. Slipping¬†into the driver’s seat comes a rush like no other as I set my hands in place on the delapitated steering wheel and the eroded seat cushion conforms to my figure as I sink among the weary fabric. Reality is suspended as I’m drawn into another world and I wish I could stay forever among these casualties of time. I never dreamt they would be taken from me, seized from the earth existing now only in my mind. It was this experience that led me to take my camera along on future explores, capturing moments in time which could never be lost again. Little did I know it would end me up here, beginning a photopraphic journey and inviting you to walk alongside me in my travels. Welcome to my portion of the deserted road through the world of Urban Exploration.

© Olivia Wolfe~2012